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The Area Code for Manchester, TN is 931

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Located in Coffee County in southern Middle Tennessee, Manchester is 64 miles from Nashville and 69 miles from Chattanooga.

  1980 1990 2000*
County 38,311 40,339 46,618
City 7,262 7,709 8,414

*projected figures

City Schools
Manchester City Schools has an enrollment of 1,233 students. The city school system operates one junior high and two elementary schools.

County Schools
The Coffee County School Systems middle school and comprehensive senior high school are in Manchester. Enrollment at the middle school is 876 and enrollment at the senior high school is 1,464. The system also operates six elementary schools in the county.

Vocational programs are offered at state vocational-technical schools and technology centers in three adjoining counties and at Motlow State Community College.

Colleges/universities within 30 miles: Middle Tennessee State University, University of the South, University of Tennessee Space Institute and Motlow State Community College.

Mayor 728-4987
Public Works 728-6903
Recreation department 728-0273
Water & sewer 728-7171
Police administration 728-2099
Fire department admin. 728-2999

Local Property Tax Rate (per $100 value)
City County Outside city
$2.25 $2.43 $3.04

Assessment Ratio
Residential 25%
Industrial 40%
Personal (equipment) 30%

Sales Tax
County sales tax 2%
State sales tax 6%

Regional Airport
Tullahoma Regional/Northern Field

Nearest Commercial Airport
Nashville International Airport

Major Highways
Federal: 41, I-24
State: 55, 53

Caney Fork and Western
CSX Transportation

Elk River Public Utility District/East Tennessee Natural Gas Company

City of Manchester

City of Manchester

Duck River Electric Membership Corp.

Average Temperature
January 37.8°
July 77.7°

Average Annual Precipitation

Company No. of Employees
M-TEK, Inc. 607
Batesville Casket Co. 580
PCA Apparel Industries Inc. 330
TEMCO Fireplace Products Inc. 200
Volunteer Engineering 164
DESA International 140
Hillsdale Tool & Manufacturing 95
LSI Marcole Industries, Inc. 90
CM Products 60
M.C.A. Sign Co. of Tennessee 55
Comtec Poymers 54

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